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Socialism Gaining Ground Among Young Voters


In the Media

Matthew Lesh quoted in The Express

In the Media

Christopher Snowdon writes for Quillette

Realities of Socialism polling referenced in The New Statesman

Polling by the Fraser Institute for the Realities of Socialism project, showing that socialism is growing in popularity among young people across the English speaking world has been referenced in The New Statesman.

The article said:

“A poll commissioned two years ago by the Canadian Fraser Institute and the Institute of Economic Affairs found that the UK had higher support for socialism as ‘an ideal economic system’ than the US, Canada or Australia.

“Among Britons aged 18-34, support for socialism was at a remarkable 53 per cent. Mind you, let’s be cautious: in this group, support for communism was running at 29 per cent and fascism at 19 per cent. For many these are nebulous ideas, but asked what ‘socialism’ meant, British people polled were particularly likely to use the sensible definition of the government owning the means of production.”

Read the full article here.

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