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‘Saint Tax’ on vaping ‘is scientifically and economically illiterate’


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Andy Mayer quoted in The Telegraph

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Tom Clougherty quoted in The Telegraph

Christopher Snowdon quoted in The i

IEA Head of Lifestyle Economics Christopher Snowdon has been quoted in The i criticising the government’s new tax on e-cigarette fluid.

Christopher said:

This is a deeply cynical cash grab from the Chancellor. Forget sin taxes, this is a saint tax. Vapers did what the Government wanted and gave up smoking. They are now being punished for it.

“This is scientifically and economically illiterate. Combined with the ban on disposable vapes, it seems the government is intent on keeping people smoking. Not only will the tax close the price gap between vapes and cigarettes, it will send a message to the public that the health risks are similar.”

Read the full article here.

Christopher’s comment was also quoted in The Daily Mail, The London Evening Standard, The Herald, The Grocer, Convenience Store, The Barking & Dagenham Post, The Birmingham Mail, Mahalsa, and The Harrogate Advertiser.

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