Online Safety Bill- the end of the free web?

Victoria Hewson writes for Spiked

In an op-ed for Spiked, IEA Head of Regulatory Affairs Victoria Hewson warns that new legislation in the up-coming Queen’s speech could spell the end of the free internet.

The Online Safety Bill proposes online platforms, including private-message providers, should have a ‘duty of care’ to keep users safe from both illegal and legal ‘harms’ such as hate speech. This has raised serious concerns over tech censorship and threats to free speech.

Victoria said: “The government seems to think that IT and compliance professionals can simply design away online harm – without political bias and while protecting free speech. At the same time, it will task a regulator with monitoring the compliance of potentially every digital platform in the world“.

Victoria authored a report on regulating online content which you can read here.

Read Victoria’s article here.