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New IEA Book featured in The Daily Star

Apocalypse Next, a new book by IEA Senior Education Fellow Stephen Davies has been featured in The Daily Star. The book warns about the risk of another Covid-style global catastrophe and urges the world to embrace new ideas to prepare for it.

The article said:

“The hellscape known as the Coronavirus pandemic was just a ‘warning shot’ of worse things to come, experts have claimed.

“And Dr Steve Davies said another pandemic is actually ‘inevitable’. A new book penned for the Institute of Economic Affairs, called Apocalypse Next (out today), says the likes of nuclear war, artificial intelligence, or future pandemics severely threaten our planet.

“Author Dr Davies, a senior education fellow at the IEA, says risks should be identified ‘to see where innovation is needed to head them off or mitigate their impact; we should think of risk and uncertainty as opportunities rather than just as challenges or problems’.”

Read the full article here.

Find out more about Apocalypse Next here and order a copy on here.