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Minimum alcohol pricing is ‘not evidence-based policy’


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In the Media

Matthew Lesh writes for City AM

Christopher Snowdon quoted in The Herald

IEA Head of Lifestyle Economics Christopher Snowdon has been quoted in The Herald criticising proposals to raise Scotland’s minimum alcohol unit price (MUP) by 30 per cent to 65p.

Christopher said:

“With deaths from alcohol abuse at a 14-year high, it is obvious that minimum pricing is not an evidence-based policy.

“The official evaluation overwhelmingly showed that the policy has failed but it is a political project and the Scottish Government was always going to stick with it, come what may.

“Scottish drinkers have paid dearly for the folly of minimum pricing and they will now have to pay even more.”

Read the full article here.

Christopher’s comments were also quoted in Press & Journal and Planet Radio.