Linda Whetstone embodied the spirit of liberty, and she will be dearly missed

Mark Littlewood writes for The Telegraph

Mark Littlewood, IEA Director General, has written an article for The Telegraph commemorating the late Linda Whetstone, a tireless advocate for freedom and Chairman of the Atlas Network of free market think tanks.

Linda devoted herself to spreading the freedom message across the world and served as a profound inspiration to all those campaigning for liberty.

“However, her real contribution was not so much in the prestigious offices she held, but instead based on her matter-of-fact determination to spread classical liberal ideas across the globe.”

“In the last two years alone, she oversaw the delivery of over 30,000 pro-freedom books to more than 20 countries in ten different languages. She also travelled to the corners of the world, often the poorest corners, to inspire directly and motivate scholars.”

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