Industrial Strategy is Not the Solution to Britain’s Economic Woes


In the Media

Julian Jessop quoted in The Times

In the Media

Len Shackleton writes for The Times

Matthew Lesh quoted in The i

IEA Director of Public Policy and Communications Matthew Lesh has been quoted in The i discussing Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves’ pledge to implement a ‘modern industrial policy’.

Matthew said:

“Reeves’ analysis of Britain’s era of low growth — driven by lacklustre productivity, underinvestment and a lack of ‘supply side’ reform — is entirely correct.

“Beyond understanding these basics, however, Reeves’ prescription for Britain’s growth challenge is problematic. ‘Securonomics’ [the term the Shadow Chancellor used for her prescription of growth based on economic security] is an effort to insulate Britain from global shocks through greater state investment in strategic industries where Britain has an advantage.

“She claims this is a ‘new’ model, but really at the heart of her agenda is the old, failed idea of a state-directed economy.”

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