Football does not need a state regulator

Victoria Hewson and Len Shackleton write for Conservative Home

On Monday it was reported that Minster’s are speeding-up the introduction of a new football regulator, suggesting the government will legislate in time for the regulator to be in place before a 2024 election.

Authors of the IEA’s latest paper ‘Red Card: Why English Football doesn’t need an independent regulator‘ IEA Editorial and Research Fellow Professor Len Shackleton and IEA Head of Regulatory Affairs Victoria Hewson responded in an article for Conservative Home.

They argued:  “The case for imposing a regulator on a world-leading football industry is weak and is not something a party supposedly in favour of private business and a lively civil society should endorse. Benton, and the Government, really should think again. 

Read Red Card here.

Read the article here.

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