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Diversity should emerge as a result of meritocracy, not as an imposition

Emily Carver writes for Conservative Home

Emily Carver, the IEA’s Head of Media, has penned an article for Conservative Home commenting on recent research conducted by the Nuffield Trust on religious, ethnic and gender discrimination in the NHS. According to the Trust, their research showed that such inequality is getting worse.

Emily, however, highlighted that disparities in experience may be due to factors other than discrimination. Further, while genuine claims of prejudice should be tackled resolutely, Emily argues that the NHS should act as a meritocratic organisation and not impose expensive diversity and inclusion measures.

“Diversity and inclusion may be dressed up in the language of equality, progress and advancement but it leads to quite the reverse. It’s lunacy that it has to be said but individuals should be judged as just that, individuals, not by their group identity or by their supposed ‘privileges’.”

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