Digital liberties at risk



IEA research featured in The Express

Matthew Lesh writes for CityAM

IEA Director of Public Policy and Communications Matthew Lesh has written for CityAM, discussing the potential dangers of the amendment to the Investigatory Powers Act.

Matthew wrote:

“This legislation will allow the Home Office to require tech companies to seek approval before updating their software in ways that limit the ability of the government to spy on users. The home secretary will then be able to, in secret, block the release of a new feature or product. They will also be able to require security features to be disabled immediately without telling the public.

“Nobody is safe, including children, when criminals can access their data. Hackers are relentlessly trying to exploit our private information for fraud, identity theft and blackmail. Encryption helps prevent criminal behaviour and abuse by protecting our data. This safeguards everyone everywhere, from the intelligence services and journalists to human rights activists and other marginalised groups. It means our health, legal and financial data is kept secure.”

Read Matthew’s full piece here.

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