Colonial Profits Were Not Big Enough to Power Industrial Revolution

Kristian Niemietz writes for The Express

IEA Editorial Director Kristian Niemietz has written for The Daily Express discussing his new research evaluating the costs and benefits of Britain’s colonial empire.

Kristian wrote:

“Among sections of the woke cultural elite, it has become an article of faith that Britain grew rich on the basis of ill-gotten gains, namely, though colonial plunder and imperialist exploitation.

“In this perspective, much of the country’s wealth is illegitimate, and should be seen a source of national shame rather than pride.

“But is this view of modern British history actually correct? Is it true that Britain owes large proportions of its present-day wealth to colonial plunder?

“This is the question I am exploring in my new book ‘Imperial Measurement: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Western Colonialism‘, published by the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA).

“The short answer is no. The numbers simply do not stack up.”

Read Kristian’s full piece here.

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