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IEA research featured in the Daily Express

In the Media

Matthew Lesh quoted in GuidoFawkes

Mark Littlewood writes for CapX

The IEA’s Senior Economics Fellow Mark Littlewood has written for CapX, critiquing the relaunch of the well-known science fiction TV series ‘Doctor Who’, and discussing whether its decreasing popularity is due to so-called “wokeism”.

Mark wrote:

“In 2017, the BBC took a decision seen by some as ‘stunning and brave’, others as a limp gimmick and by some hardcore Doctor Who traditionalists as something approaching blasphemy. Jodie Whittaker was cast as the first female Doctor. After an initial burst of curiosity, ratings began to fall off a cliff. The buzz and excitement around the show also withered dramatically. 

“There is a market out there – and a big one – for the Doctor’s exciting adventures in time and space, even interlaced with subtle moral messaging or social commentary. Perhaps the biggest problem is that the BBC funding model doesn’t make accessing that market an especially high priority.” 

Read Mark’s full piece here.

You can also read a copy of Mark’s piece on the IEA website.

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