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As liberals, we must condemn the draconian Covid restrictions sweeping Europe


In the Media

Julian Jessop comments for iNews

Emily Carver writes for Conservative Home

Emily Carver, IEA Head of Media, has written a piece for Conservative Home commenting on the extremity of the Coronavirus regulations being implemented across Europe.

Emily argues that, while comparisons being made between the actions of European governments today and those of the wartime fascists are misplaced, we should empathise with the citizens of such states and use this as an opportunity to harness the freedom currently afforded to us.

“People who are unvaccinated must be free to make choices about their own health, even if that means they may be putting their own health at risk. Any liberal-minded person must reject the demonisation of what is now a small minority of people in this country – whatever your views are on vaccinations.”

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