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Chancellor should not be surprised that so many are leaving the workforce



Prof. Len Shackleton quoted in The Express

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Andy Mayer quoted in The Mail

Mark Littlewood appears on talkTV

IEA Director General Mark Littlewood has appeared on talkTV to discuss Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s speech setting out the government’s near-term economic priorities.

Mark said:

“I was pleased to see that the Chancellor, at least, seemed to understand some of the things that are going wrong.

“He doesn’t seem to have much of a prescription – it’s all very well to have the diagnosis that we need to grow the economy, reduce debt, and all the rest of it.

“For years now we’ve decided to give more and more power to the government to deal with each and every ill, the tax burden has through the roof, regulation’s gone through the roof. We should be unsurprised, therefore, that so many people are exiting the work force – it’s not worth the candle for a good number of people.”

Mark’s full appearance can be viewed here (28:23).