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Mark Littlewood on the upcoming BBC Charter Review

Commenting on the upcoming BBC Charter Review, Mark Littlewood, Director General at the Institute of Economic Affairs, said:

“Next year’s Charter Review provides a real opportunity to assess the future of the BBC in a world of rapidly changing technologies.  Aside from examining how the broadcaster is funded, it’s crucial to consider the question of whether having a ‘public service broadcaster’ is necessary or desirable at all.

“There is little justification for the current all-singing, all-dancing BBC. Without a significant slimming down of the organisation, an outcome that does not lead to some kind of voluntary or commercial basis for funding would be unacceptable.

“Most television programmes should be paid for by carrying adverts, charging subscriptions or on a pay-per view basis. If this works for Game of Thrones, there is no reason it wouldn’t work for Doctor Who.”

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