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Simplification, not regulation is the solution for tax avoidance


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The UK tax system is overly complex and tax rates are too high

Commenting on the Public Accounts Committee’s forthcoming report on the role of large accountancy firms in tax avoidance, Mark Littlewood, Director-General at the Institute of Economic Affairs, said:

“Successive governments have developed loopholes specifically designed to reduce tax bills, so it’s hardly surprising to see companies use the very schemes politicians have created. Politicians need to stop moaning and reform the system they set up.

“The UK corporation tax system is monstrously complex, with profits taxed not in the hands of shareholders, but according to very complex rules in particular jurisdictions. It’s inevitable this system is gamed by multinational corporations; for as long as it’s legal it’s unsurprising that companies don’t pay more tax than is due.

“Tax avoidance occurs because our system is overly complex and because rates are too high. If the government wants to reduce tax avoidance it should reduce and simplify taxes.”

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