Radical reform of university funding vital


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Peter Tompkins and Prof. Philip Booth comment on Lord Hutton's interim report

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Mark Littlewood comments on the Comprehensive Spending Review

Dr Steve Davies welcomes Lord Browne's report
In welcoming Lord Browne’s report, Dr Steve Davies, Education Director at the Institute of Economic Affairs, argues the future success of the university sector depends on the government introducing this kind of radical reform.

“The development of a thriving world-class university sector in the UK depends on giving universities the freedom to charge students the fees they consider necessary. Fundamentally, the system needs to encourage competition between institutions. It is especially important that as with banks, universities be allowed to fail and that they bear some of the risk of the loans.

“Competition for students and teaching staff is the key driver in promoting excellence in an education system. It is time that Britain woke up to this fact and made this the key pillar of our university system. The recommendations of this review, if adopted, would do just that.

“The one area missing from Lord Browne’s review is a greater focus on removing obstacles to the establishment of new universities.”

The system being proposed by Lord Browne reflects closely the proposals IEA author Neil Shephard made in his submission to the review. The IEA strongly urges the Coalition to consider the recommendations of this review in a favourable light.

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