Premier League are right to challenge Ofcom ruling


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The IEA asserts that undue regulation by Ofcom over provision of sport on TV will harm British sport
In response to the Premier League’s decision to challenge Ofcom on the Sky decision, Mark Littlewood, Director General of the Institute of Economic Affairs, said:

“Ofcom’s decision to force Sky to sell Sky Sports packages for less than their current price is clearly to the financial detriment of football and other sports. The Premier League is to be applauded for coming out today and saying they will fight the ruling.”

“A thriving sports scene is an important part of this country. Mandating an artificially low price to access TV coverage of it will do nothing but harm.”

“The parties’ manifestos have been full of commitments on sport, but one of the most useful things that they could do in this area is to prevent absurd rulings from regulators on issues like this that damage the long-term interests of sports clubs and fans.”

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