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Mark Littlewood takes on role as adviser to Red Tape Challenge

The Institute of Economic Affairs’ Director General, Mark Littlewood, has taken on the role of independent adviser to the government’s Red Tape Challenge for Disruptive Business Models. The coalition government is particularly looking at the challenges regulation poses to innovative new companies. In the coming months, Mark will look at the complaints against regulation being raised by businesses and for opportunities to lower the regulatory burden.

Commenting on the new role, Mark Littlewood said:

“I’m delighted to be taking on this challenge. The IEA has sought to educate people over recent months about the burden which red tape and regulation places on businesses in the United Kingdom.

“Holding back enterprise through unnecessary bureaucratic intervention lowers employment and stifles economic growth.

“Of course, the overall cost to the British economy also needs to take account of unborn businesses – ideas and plans which fail to get off the ground because of the burdens of regulatory compliance.

“Despite the declared intentions of successive governments, the red tape burden continues to grow and we need to find ways to find the reverse gear.”

Speaking earlier this month on the Red Tape Challenge, Prime Minister David Cameron said:

“With the Red Tape Challenge, we are asking everyone – from the one-man-band to the multinational – what regulations need to change or go. Today I can announce we’re expanding the Red Tape Challenge, so it doesn’t just cover the red tape that affects businesses today, but the businesses of tomorrow too. Because we’ve heard from start-ups that they’re innovating so fast, their innovations are out-stripping the regulation that currently exists.”

Notes to editors

Mark Littlewood will undertake the role on a part-time, unpaid basis over the coming months in addition to continuing as the full time Director General of the IEA.

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