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Budget needs to set out urgent plan to reduce deficit by £100bn


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Large budget deficits crowding out private sector

Press Release

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Radical overhaul of welfare state required
Ahead of today’s Budget, the free-market think tank, the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), is calling for radical measures to set the British economy on the course to recovery:

An urgent plan to cut the deficit

Britain needs an urgent plan to reduce our deficit substantially. Cutting around £100 bn within the next few years must be achievable, especially given that public spending has approximately doubled since 1997.

A radical overhaul of the welfare system and other public services

To increase savings in the medium term, a radical rethink of the structures of public service finance across areas including health, education and welfare is needed.

A reversal of previously announced tax rises

The planned increases to National Insurance and income tax should be reversed, along with the reduction in pensions’ tax relief. Zero-rate VAT should be abolished and the money used exclusively to raise personal income tax allowances.

Mark Littlewood, Director General of the Institute of Economic Affairs said:

“Politicians are not talking seriously about the need for dramatic and speedy cuts in public expenditure. A few billion here and a few billion there is nowhere near enough to restore market confidence. We can’t be expected to make sufficient savings from so-called efficiency gains, there will need to be major cuts to a whole raft of public services. We also need a radical overhaul of our welfare, education and health systems, to ensure that we don’t suffer as easily in future from the sort of reckless and out-of-control spending that has characterised the last few years.”

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