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BSkyB saga must not be clouded by the politics of personality, but should focus on the reality of business


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New research from the IEA released

Press Release

Mark Littlewood criticises the coalition's latest plans

Mark Littlewood comments on NewsCorp's bid for BSkyB

Responding to the publication of Ofcom’s report on NewsCorp’s bid for BSkyB, Mark Littlewood, Director-General of the IEA, said that it fails to take account of the reality of today’s media market.

He said:

“In considering plurality and competition in broadcasting we need to be conscious of the great leaps in technology that we have seen in recent times. These have brought a surge in competition in media and hugely enhanced choice for viewers. Today’s average household has potential access to hundreds of different channels – plus a vast range of content on the internet – rather than being limited to the two- or three-channel offering of years gone by.

“It is vital that the debate is not clouded by politics and discussions of personality but instead focuses on the reality of today’s multi-outlet and multi-platform media market.”

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