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Mark Littlewood comments ahead of the Arts Council's funding announcements

Ahead of the Arts Council’s funding announcements today, Mark Littlewood, Director General of the Institute of Economic Affairs, said:

“Popular arts don’t need subsidies. Unpopular arts don’t deserve subsidies. If the arts funded by the state really do enrich our lives sufficiently, then it won’t be, and isn’t, difficult to persuade people to contribute. But there’s no justification in forcing people to contribute.

“Shakespeare and other greats flourished through philanthropy. Yet state subsidy of the arts squeezes out the great history of patronage in the arts and instead pushes the agenda of a small elite with no personal stake involved.

“The business case sometimes made, for example by the Film Council, for state funding is nonsense. Of course investment in films will occasionally net a return but this should be a decision for private individuals not quangos.”

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