1 thought on “IEA debate: After Brexit, is it time to get the government out of agriculture, and embrace free trade and free markets?”

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    would be illegal for our own farmers to use
    Shanker wins this one. Nick has introduced a straw man, a trick in arguments where one talks about some body of people who do not exist. If only Nick had defined his terms.
    To help Nick out, here’s what I mean – there is no such thing as farmers who belong to ‘us’. There are owners of agricultural land ( i.e. owners of capital therefore ) and there are people who work on agricultural land. Sometimes they are the same people e.g. the self-employed who both own and work their own land – perhaps because their business model under the current system stops them using their assets more productively so they never went became limited companies. It just wasn’t worth it. But there is no such thing as ‘our farmers’.

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