1 thought on “I don’t want “smarter” government, I want LESS government”

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    I disagree. One of the running themes of Cummings thoughts on how government should operate, are anchored in much smaller teams, more empowered (along with accountable) people, and active internal disruption to ensure validity (red teams). Failure is accepted as par for the course of trying, but must be learned from and that knowledge applied to the next attempt. He believes Departments should be a 7th of the size currently, but that specialists should be allowed to be selected and dismissed by ministers, not by an unaccountable technocracy (civil service management). He believes policy and operational implementation are different skill sets and should be split. He also believes in passing power down. But that doesn’t necessarily mean down to lower level technocrats, but instead devolved down to individuals. In that way he is very libertarian minded. An example would benwhatnsome viewed as the centralised control he and Gove exercised over local councils control of schools. Some could argue that this was an example of centralising power. However, in reality, whatnot did was pass the technocratic local council power down to the parents, so that they could chose to place their child wherever they wanted, and indeed to create a school themselves if they saw fit.
    In addition, the article here seems to suggest that as reforms of government and the civil service have failed in the past, we shouldn’t try again. Perhaps the author is Homer Simpson in disguise? We have the opportunity to reform the civil service so that it wastes less money, encourages a more desirable environment for entrepreneurs, and at the same time passed power down and accountability up.
    What’s not to like.

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