What educational work do you do?

As an educational charity, a major part of the IEA’s mission is to inspire and educate young people. Every year, we host over 200 students in our intern programme, organise sixth form conferences throughout the UK attended by over 4,000 students, and reach tens of thousands more through EA magazine, the UK’s first ever free-market economics publication aimed specifically at the 16-25 age group.

The IEA also runs the annual THINK Conference, bringing together top speakers from around the world to discuss key economic and social issues, and attended by around 600 young people.

These activities are in addition to our extensive programme of publications and output on social media, which are freely available to all. For example, in a typical year we will:

  • Host a website where we post around 200 blog posts and over 100 podcasts a year.

  • Post IEA content on Twitter and Facebook, with thousands of links, retweets, and video views each month.

  • Appear on TV, radio, print and online over 3,500 times a year.

  • Provide responses to public inquiries and parliamentary select committee hearings.

  • Engage in conferences and events run by third parties.

  • Host the Hayek Lecture celebrating the contribution of the great thinker to our founding.

  • Host the Richard Koch Breakthrough prize, an essay competition on major social challenges.

  • Support the Beesley Lectures, a series of some 25 years standing in regulatory economics.

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