Will Banning Under 16s from Social Media Stop Hate Crime? | IEA Podcast

Should under sixteens be banned from social media?

Join us for a thought-provoking discussion on the contentious issue of banning young people under sixteen from social media platforms, proposed by Esther Ghey, mother of Brianna Ghey, a 16-year-old transgender girl who was brutally murdered. In this podcast episode, Matthew Lesh Director of Public Policy and Communications at the IEA, and Timandra Harkness dissect the narrative surrounding Esther’s case and the subsequent calls for regulatory action.

Our guest, Timandra Harkness, a distinguished writer, broadcaster, comedian, and author of the new book “Technology Is Not the Problem”. Timandra offers insightful commentary on the broader implications of proposed bans and the challenges of regulating technology in the digital age. From the UK’s online safety bill to congressional hearings involving tech giants like Mark Zuckerberg, we explore the multifaceted dynamics shaping contemporary discourse.

Delve into the complexities of political campaigning and technological advancements as we challenge simplistic attributions of social media’s influence on the 2016 Trump and Brexit votes. Explore parallels between past and present political strategies, including data-driven marketing tactics employed by political campaigns.