Unleashing Britain’s Entrepreneurs | IEA Podcast

Join us on this week’s podcast for a thought-provoking conversation on how Britain can become more entrepreneurial. This week we are joined by Eamonn Ives who is the Head of Research at The Entrepreneurs Network. Ives delves into the intricacies of taxation, innovation, and labor dynamics in the modern economy. Matthew Lesh, Public Policy & Communications Director and Ives tackle pressing issues such as the deadweight costs of taxation and propose reforms to simplify the tax system, including discussions on stamp duty, land tax, and the extension of full expensing to buildings. Together, they explore the role of innovation and entrepreneurship, touching on the importance of supporting spin-out companies from universities and incentivising academic ownership of intellectual property.

So this week’s question: how can Britain become more entrepreneurial?

The conversation delves into the regulatory landscape, examining how regulations can both hinder and facilitate innovation in sectors like health tech and artificial intelligence. Our guests share insights into the need for clear and supportive regulatory frameworks to provide certainty for entrepreneurs and investors alike. Additionally, they explore the potential of public procurement to bolster innovative startups, calling for a culture change within government to enable smaller, more agile companies to compete for contracts.