The WHO’s War on Nicotine

Explore the critical discussions surrounding nicotine reduction that took place at Conference for the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control as we delve into the complexities of tobacco harm reduction. Join Christopher Snowdon, Head of Lifestyle Economics at the IEA, was at the neighbouring Conference of the People conference alongside distinguished guests David Williams, President of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance, and Prof Dr Rohan Andrade De Sequeira, a distinguished Consultant CardioMetabolic Physician from Mumbai, India.

In this engaging conversation, our panellists dissect the implications of the W.H.O.’s stance on reduced-risk nicotine products, shedding light on the need for transparent and evidence-based policies. From uncovering government waste to advocating for science-driven decision-making, our experts offer invaluable insights into the global discourse on tobacco control.

Discover why Western audiences should pay close attention to these discussions, as policies formulated here can have far-reaching effects on public health and individual freedoms.