The Long View of Brexit: What happens 10 years down the road?

In the latest instalment in our podcast series, Live From Lord North Street, Dr Steve Davies, Head of Education at the IEA and News Editor Kate Andrews, sit down to give a long-term analysis of Brexit.

Steve makes the case that we are currently looking at Britain’s departure in a rather narrow way, focusing largely (and understandably) on immediate issues like the negotiating process, the impact of Brexit on the financial sector, and so on. In the medium and longer term, however, Steve concludes that the economic impact of Brexit, in itself, is likely to have a much less substantial effect on growth than many would believe.

These outcomes are far more likely to be determined by UK domestic policy. Questions about Britain’s post-EU future should, therefore, factor in much wider, philosophical points about what kind of nation we will be in the future, Steve concludes, such as whether or not we use Brexit to embrace global free trade and competition.

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