The Future of British Politics: In Conversation with Simon Heffer

In this new interview as a part of the In Conversation events, Tom Clougherty, Executive Director of the Institute of Economic Affairs, sits down with Simon Heffer, the renowned historian, journalist, and political commentator.

Heffer, a prominent conservative voice, shares his incisive perspectives on British politics, economics, and society. Heffer delves into the struggles of the contemporary Conservative Party, offering a scathing critique of recent leadership and the party’s ongoing civil war over Europe. He also explores the challenges facing the country, including an ageing population, pressures on the welfare state, and the need for economic reform and deregulation to spur growth.

Heffer’s insights span a wide range of topics, from the failures of corporatism and state overreach to the importance of incentivising hard work and self-reliance. He advocates for a renewed debate on the role of the state, calling for a transition from a welfare state to a “welfare society” rooted in Victorian values of self-help and mutual aid. This thought-provoking discussion is a must-watch for anyone interested in the future of British politics and economics.