Navigating the Storm: Debating Brexit’s Impact on UK Trade

Prepare for a deep dive into the repercussions of Brexit on UK trade as our panel of esteemed experts shares their insights. Led by Tom Clougherty, Executive Director at the IEA, this event promises a comprehensive analysis of Brexit’s effects. Our first panellist is Catherin McBride, with affiliations at the Center for Brexit Policy and the UK’s Trade and Agriculture Commission, Catherine challenges conventional wisdom with her paper “Has Brexit Really Harmed UK Trade?”—setting the stage for a thought-provoking discussion.

Joining Catherine is John Springford, an acclaimed Associate Fellow renowned for his in-depth research on Brexit’s economic impact. Drawing from his tenure at the Center for European Reform, John presents compelling evidence supporting his perspective on Brexit’s economic downturn. Complementing this discourse is Julian Jessop, an independent economist with over three decades of experience. As a former Chief Economist and current Economics Fellow at the IEA, Julian offers invaluable insights into the economic landscape post-Brexit.

Engage in a stimulating discussion as the panel navigates the complexities of Brexit, offering diverse viewpoints and shedding light on key issues. Whether you’re an economist, policymaker, or simply intrigued by Brexit’s implications, this event promises an enriching experience. Subscribe now for updates and join us for an insightful exploration of Brexit’s impact on UK trade.