Milton Friedman: The Last Conservative

Who was Milton Friedman?

Join Tom Clougherty, IEA Executive Director, on an insightful journey into the pages of ‘Milton Friedman: The Last Conservative’ with the author, Jennifer Burns. In this video, the explore the remarkable political legacy of Milton Friedman, renowned economist and architect of what came to be conservative economic policies. Discover the profound influence he had on the Reagan administration, his relationship with Arthur Burns and Paul Volcker at the Federal Reserve, how his views differed from F.A. Hayek, and shaping the landscape of American politics and economics during a pivotal era.

Jennifer Burns’ biography also sheds light on his critical stance towards the Federal Reserve’s monetary policies. Jennifer discusses his advocacy for stable monetary growth and his strained relationship with the then Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Paul Volcker.

Jennifer Burns’s meticulous research also unveils the often-overlooked contributions of women in Milton Friedman’s life and work, highlighting their crucial roles in shaping his intellectual legacy. From his collaboration with women on major economic works to his advocacy for their academic recognition, Burns paints a vivid picture of how these women influenced and enriched Friedman’s economic thought.

This discussion provides a comprehensive view of ‘Milton Friedman: The Last Conservative,’ touching on the man behind the economic theories, his enduring political impact alongside Ronald Reagan, and how he came to shape the late 20th century.