Medieval Economy: Peasants and Entrepreneurship

Join Daniel Freeman and Dr. Robert Portass as they engag in a captivating discussion on the role of peasants and entrepreneurship in medieval Europe. Dr. Portass, a lecturer in medieval history at the University of Lincoln, specialises in the early and central medieval history of the Iberian Peninsula, particularly focusing on social relations and the economic agency of peasants.

In this insightful conversation, they explore the often-misunderstood term ‘peasant’ and challenge negative connotations associated with it. Dr. Portass sheds light on the labor processes involved, emphasising that peasants were not merely exploited but active economic agents, involved in farming lands, sometimes even employing others.

Dive into the nuanced understanding of peasants in medieval times, breaking away from the stereotypical image of uniform poverty. Dr. Portass shares insights drawn from his extensive research and publications, providing a fresh perspective on the complexities of the village world in the Middle Ages.

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