How Britain Solved the Housing Crisis

Experience a vision of the future in 2035 where Britain’s housing crisis is a thing of the past. Join Kristian Niemietz, Editorial Director, as he discusses the transformative impact of the housing revolution detailed in his new IEA publication Home Win.

Discover how a decade-long housebuilding boom has led to steady improvements in housing affordability, marking a significant shift from the housing shortages of the past.

In this video, Niemietz reflects on the challenges faced by Britain in the mid-2020s, highlighting the massive housing shortage and its detrimental effects on the economy and society. Through insightful analysis, he reveals how government reforms tackled the root of the problem, paving the way for unprecedented growth in housing supply and affordability.

Explore the ripple effects of the housing revolution, from increased labor mobility and productivity to fiscal savings and a politically less polarised society. Gain valuable insights into the policies and strategies that drove this remarkable transformation, offering hope for a brighter future.

Join Kristian to look back at the bad old days, the mid 2020s. Britain before the housing revolution.

Read a copy of Home Win: What if Britain Solved its Housing Crisis?.