In our first podcast of 2018, we look at one of the most critical areas in public policy – housing.

The Institute of Economic Affairs’s Kristian Niemietz and former Head of Research at the Adam Smith Institute Ben Southwood discuss the housing shortage, its supply-side nature and the politics which underpin it.

Interviewed by the IEA’s Kate Andrews, the pair examine the historical origins of the housing crisis, which date back to legislation introduced under Clement Attlee’s government in the 1940s.

They also look at the well-organised NIMBY movement (short for “Not In My Back Yard”), and its influence on government policy.

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1 thought on “Here’s How We Solve the Housing Crisis”

  1. Posted 12/01/2018 at 13:22 | Permalink

    I’m a little confused about the claim house prices have become a problem over the last 50 years, I haven’t got figures before the mid 80s but it seems to the ratio of house prices to income has been around 3.5 (which was always the maximum you could borrow from a building society) for around 30 years until the year 2002 when prices skyrocketed to 6.5 in 2008.

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