Hate speech laws threaten free speech

Hate speech laws are stifling free and open debate in the UK, according to a new report from the free market think tank the Institute of Economic Affairs.

Report author and Head of Cultural Affairs at the IEA, Marc Glendening, attributes the growth in censorious incidents to the emergence of the ‘Culture Control Left,’ who he says have successfully weaponised concepts like ‘hate speech’ and ‘harm’ to push legislation that silences their political opponents. “Being accused of hate speech is the contemporary equivalent of being charged with blasphemy or seditious libel,” Glendening writes.

The paper says that hate speech laws are enforced in a politically partial and inconsistent manner, with police refusing to seek prosecutions for analogous cases when they are directed against white people. Police, for example, refused to pursue a case against Bahar Mustafa, the welfare and diversity officer of Goldsmiths University’s Students’ Union, who posted the phrase ‘KillAllWhiteMen’.

Read a copy of Dictating Words: The Culture-Control Left and the war against free speech, here: https://iea.org.uk/publications/dictating-words-the-culture-control-left-and-the-war-against-free-speech/