Economic Freedom Index Explained | IEA Podcast

Unlock the secrets of economic freedom in this enlightening podcast episode featuring Matthew Lesh, Director of Public Policy and Communications, and Christian Bjørnskov, Professor at Morehouse University in Denmark and IEA Board of Trustees member. As they delve into the value of economic freedom, they pay tribute to the late James Gwartney, co-creator of the Fraser Institute’s Economic Freedom of the World Report, exploring his contributions and life.

Join the conversation as they discuss the link between economic freedom and human well-being, addressing the decline in economic freedom worldwide. The podcast challenges prevailing narratives and investigates how economic freedom impacts our lives. Explore the methodology behind measuring economic freedom and gain insights into the association between economic freedom and happiness.

Discover the role of regulations, legal systems, and government size in influencing economic freedom. Gain a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding the quality and content of regulations and their impact on society. With over 160 countries included in the Economic Freedom Index, learn how it provides a comprehensive view of economic freedom and its repercussions.