Can Javier Milei save Argentina?

Can Javier Milei save Argentina? Is dollarisation the key to Argentinian’s inflation problems? Javier Milei, a libertarian economist, has won a decisive victory in the Argentinian presidential election.

Labelled “El Loco” (the madman) by his critics, Milei has proposed a radical agenda including ditching the local currency, the peso, in favour of the US dollar, abolishing the central bank, reducing public spending by 15% of GDP, and privatise state-owned enterprises.

He also wants to reduce the number of ministries from 24 to just 8, including closing the ministries of culture, women, health and education. To discuss what Milei’s election means, the IEA’s Director of Public Policy and Communications Matthew Lesh sat down with Dr Axel Kaiser, a leading South American libertarian author and political scientist based in Chile. He is also a personal friend of Javier Milei.