With power struggles within Parliament dominating the headlines, it’s all too easy to forget the bigger picture of our departure from the EU. Yet, with public consultations opening up about our first bilateral trade agreements, this debate is continuing - though perhaps not getting the attention it deserves. Today we’re joined by Shanker Singham, Director ... Continue reading
Society and Culture
You’re listening to Live from Lord North Street, a podcast from the Institute of Economic Affairs. Back in June, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was kicked out of the Red Hen restaurant in Virginia, because the owner didn’t like her association with President Donald Trump’s administration. Is this an act of discrimination, perfectly within one’s right, ... Continue reading
Almost everyone is in favor of advancements in green energy. But we’re still a long way off from cleaner sources being able to take over from more traditional forms of energy, like fossil fuels. If we were to to make the switch now, it would inevitably mean moving from a high-energy society to a low-energy ... Continue reading
The Richard Koch Breakthrough Prize is looking for essays to answer how we can find a new, market-based policy to alleviate the UK’s housing shortage, and to rejuvenate our property-owning democracy. 💷 With a £50,000 top prize! Details here → http://breakthroughprize.org.uk... Continue reading
Today we're joined by one of the world's most decorated economists, Professor Vernon Smith - Nobel Prize winner in economics, and a long-time friend of the Institute of Economic Affairs. Professor Smith gives his analysis of current economic trends in the US and throughout Europe, including his take on Donald Trump's tariffs and obstacles to ... Continue reading
fter months of anticipation, Theresa May’s government has finally fleshed out in detail their view of Britain's future relationship with the EU - but what would these proposals really look like in practice? Today we’re joined by members of the IEA’s Trade and International Competition Unit, who give their view of the Chequers proposals and ... Continue reading
You're listening to Live From Lord North Street, a podcast from the Institute of Economic Affairs. Today we're joined by the IEA’s Director General Mark Littlewood and Research Director Jamie Whyte on the 70th birthday of the National Health Service. Interviewed by News Editor Kate Andrews, they discuss how - despite all the praise around ... Continue reading
Today we're joined by the Advisory Board of our International Trade and Competition Unit, made up of world-renowned experts in trade policy - including Sir Lockwood Smith, John Weekes and Alan Oxley, who join us today, along with ITCU's Director Shanker Singham. Interviewed by the IEA's Madeline Grant, they give us a global view of ... Continue reading