On this week's Live with Littlewood, Mark is joined by: Dr Steve Davies - Head of Education, Institute of Economic Affairs Dominic Frisby - Financial Writer and Comedian ( @Money, Markets & More with Dominic Frisby   @Dominic Frisby Comedy Videos  ) Mike Graham - Presenter, TalkRadio ( @talkRADIO  ) Tim Montgomerie - Conservative Pundit and Reaction contributor ... Continue reading
In this episode of Parallax Views, Marc sits down with Sarah Phillimore to discuss the impact of non-crime hate incidents, the way the police handle them from Sarah's own experience and their overall impact on free speech. Sarah was called to the Bar in 1994 and since 1999 has worked as a specialist family lawyer ... Continue reading
Professor Len Shackleton (Research and Editorial Fellow, IEA) sits down with comedian Leo Kearse to discuss Leo's chapter in the IEA's new book 'Having Your Say'. Leo's chapter focuses on free speech in comedy and explores the area of censorship. You can read Having Your Say here - https://iea.org.uk/publications/having-your-say-threats-to-free-speech-in-the-21st-century/ The prevailing mood of political correctness ... Continue reading
Dr Steve Davies hosts a discussion panel on political realignment with Kate Andrews, Lisi Christofferson and David Goodhart. Dr Steve Davies is the Head of Education at the Institute of Economic Affairs. Previously he was program officer at the Institute for Humane Studies (IHS) at George Mason University in Virginia. He joined IHS from the ... Continue reading
IEA Head of Media, Emily Carver, was joined by Chief Operating Officer at the Institute of Economic Affairs, Andy Mayer, to discuss critical race theory and whether it should become an integrated part of the workplace and HR practice. The episode looks at why critical race theory is itself racist, as it presumes a group ... Continue reading
In this episode of 'The Swift Half with Snowdon', Chris chats with Kate Andrews. Kate is the Economics Correspondent at the Spectator. Before that, Kate was associate director at the Institute of Economic Affairs. She joined in February 2016, having previously worked as head of communications at the Adam Smith Institute. Prior to that, Kate ... Continue reading
Many families spent over a third of their income on childcare and parents, usually mothers, can be forced to choose between the desire to work but struggling to find the money or dropping out of the workplace due to the sky high costs. This week's Markets and Morality, hosted by IEA Head of Public Affairs ... Continue reading
Matthew McCaffrey is assistant professor of entrepreneurship in the Alliance Manchester Business School at the University of Manchester. He holds a bachelor’s degree in literature from Colorado State University, a master’s in economics from Auburn University, and a PhD in economics from the University of Angers. He is the author or editor of five books, ... Continue reading
In the latest episode of the IEA podcast series, IEA Communications and Marketing Assistant, Kieran Neild Ali, discussed the collapse of the British pub trade with Head of Lifestyle Economics, Christopher Snowdon. Kieran and Christopher looked at the key events in the demise of the pubs, including the 2007 smoking ban, the beer duty escalator ... Continue reading
Former Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills and President of the Board of Trade between 2010-15, The Rt Hon Sir Vince Cable spoke at #THINK2021. Sir Vince’s talk ‘CHINA:ENGAGE’ touched on the appropriate and contemporary topic of engagement with China. THINK 2021 was held on Saturday 12th June where a collection of world ... Continue reading