What impact will Brexit have on British aviation and our ability to travel? That's a question that's been on many peoples' lips recently, following warnings from the boss of Ryanair and other key industry figures, that flights between the UK and the EU could be grounded for months unless replacements for EU airline agreements are ... Continue reading
A recent mass leak of financial documents, branded the Paradise Papers, has caused many people to call for the Govenmernt to take decisive action against tax avoidance. We’re joined by the IEA's Research Director Dr Jamie Whyte, and Head of Financial Services Diego Zuluaga, to discuss the role of tax havens and the legal and ... Continue reading
Today you'll hear an update from our Brexit Unit, led by Chief Economist Julian Jessop.    Julian and Digital Officer Madeline Grant give the latest updates from the negotiations currently underway in Brussels, and discuss what sum - if any - Britain will be likely to pay in a so-called "Brexit Bill". Julian goes through some of the ... Continue reading
This week marks the centenary of the October Revolution, which transformed Russia and reshaped the course of history. 100 years on, the IEA’s Kristian Niemietz and Madeline Grant discuss what lessons, if any, we've learnt from socialism’s history of around the world; from the Soviet Union, to Cuba, to Venezuela. Kristian also traces the complicated ... Continue reading
In the latest instalment in our podcast series, Live From Lord North Street, Dr Steve Davies, Head of Education at the IEA and News Editor Kate Andrews, sit down to give a long-term analysis of Brexit. Steve makes the case that we are currently looking at Britain’s departure in a rather narrow way, focusing largely ... Continue reading
From the Fountain of Youth, to the Holy Grail, to JK Rowling's Philosopher's Stone, the idea of immortality has been ingrained in humanity’s creative consciousness for thousands of years. But in the present day, eternal youth may soon move out of the realms of myth and Sci-Fi, and into a reality, thanks to developing technologies. Joining us today are Dr Steve ... Continue reading
Today we're joined by Daniel Hannan, MEP for South East England, President of the Institute for Free Trade, and a leading voice in the Vote Leave campaign – interviewed by the IEA's Chief Economist Julian Jessop. With European and British negotiators seemingly at loggerheads, Dan gives his view on what's actually going on behind closed doors. Dan ... Continue reading
From the left-ward shift of the Conservative Party in Britain, to the rise of Donald Trump in America, there seems to be a growing appetite for protectionism and central planning in contemporary politics. The IEA's Steve Davies and Kate Andrews examine some of the reasons behind this trend - and whether advocates of free trade ... Continue reading