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The Rt Hon Priti Patel, Secretary of State for International Development and member of the Free Enterprise Group, discusses the role of capitalism in improving peoples' lives around the world, and the future of free markets in British politics. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTubechannel: FOLLOW US on Twitter: LIKE US on Facebook: LEARN ... Continue reading
The IEA’s Head of Education Dr Steve Davies and News Editor Kate Andrews discuss how farming technology is revolutionising our world. Although current discussions of the future of tech tend to focus on AI, automation and robotics, Steve explains how recent advancements in farming offer solutions some of the key crises of our time – ... Continue reading
Government and Institutions
Is now the right time to consider a transitional deal between the UK and the European Union? On our podcast this week, IEA Chief Economist Julian Jessop and Digital Officer Madeline Grant discuss the varying options for transitional arrangements for March 2019 - after the UK has left the EU, but before it pursues its ... Continue reading
The Institute of Economic Affairs's Dr Steve Davies joins Kate Andrews in our latest podcast to discuss the arguments for and against intellectual property rights - a topic that which particularly divides the libertarian movement. In the podcast, Steve explains the philosophical arguments both for and against, ultimately arguing that copyright law forms illogical conclusions ... Continue reading
We're joined by the Institute of Economic Affairs's Head of Education Dr Steve Davies to discuss: Will robots make us redundant? Interviewed by the IEA's News Editor Kate Andrews, the pair discuss the future of automation, robots, and Artificial Intelligence, and the impact these innovations will have on tradition lines of work. SUBSCRIBE to our ... Continue reading
In the coming months, UK and EU negotiators are set to lock horns over one of the most bitter parts of their ‘divorce’: the Brexit bill. On our podcast this week, IEA Chief Economist Julian Jessop and Digital Officer Madeline Grant discuss the likely bill Britain could end up paying to the European Union. Estimates ... Continue reading
Drones have been in the news a lot recently, but what are the real implications of this technology? Matthew Feeney of the CATO Institute discusses what drones could mean for our legal, social and business landscape. To learn more about THINK conferences, visit: SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel: FOLLOW US on Twitter: ... Continue reading
Dr Daniel Susskind, co-author of “The Future of the Professions”, sits down with the IEA's Len Shackleton to discuss the findings of his book - including how machines and robots are set to take over an increasingly wide range of jobs and roles that are currently the preserve of human professionals. To learn more about ... Continue reading