WATCH: Sinclair Davidson (Professor of Institutional Economics at RMIT University in Melbourne) gives a presentation on the repercussions of plain packaging at an evening event at the Institute of Economic Affairs. The event took place days before plain packaging comes into full effect in the UK (20 May 2017). Sinclair has conducted extensive research into ... Continue reading
IEA Director General Mark Littlewood sat down with Clacton's Independent MP Douglas Carswell to discuss: - Whether the political establishment really is collapsing - Whether the uprising against the establishment in so many Western countries is in any way libertarian, or if it is merely statist, nationalist populism - What might replace the prevailing political ... Continue reading
Our Head of Lifestyle Economics, Christopher Snowdon, investigates the persistent claims from the media that junk food and ready meals are more affordable than fruit and veg - proving that your five a day recommendation can be met for as little as 30p. Read our report, 'Cheap as Chips: Is a Healthy Diet Affordable?' to get ... Continue reading
In our sixth, and final, installment of the Foundations of a Free Society videos, IEA Head of Education Dr Steve Davies explains how the world is moving in the right direction, becoming a more connected, richer place. However, Steve warns against the twin pitfalls that can create a false sense of freedom: top-down reforms that ... Continue reading
Our Head of Education, Dr Steve Davies, outlines the fifth pillar of a free society: a spontaneous economy. Steve explains that, rather than being imposed from above by political authorities, free societies are spontaneous. They build up from the actions of individuals, and the principles of peaceful cooperation created by the free market. The films ... Continue reading
In our fourth film, IEA Head of Education, Dr Steve Davies, outlines the fourth pillar of a free society: justice and the rule of law. Steve outlines the qualities essential to a fair and proportional justice system; and the importance of the rule of law in any free society. The films are based on our book ... Continue reading
Our Head of Education Dr Steve Davies outlines the third pillar of a free society: a free economy. He explains how free economies can lead to innovation and wealth creation much more successfully than other forms of economies. He notes that actors must be entering into trade voluntarily, and cannot be taking part due to politics, fear ... Continue reading