How much should we worry about inequality? With ongoing Corbyn-mania in UK politics, and the popularity of books like Thomas Piketty’s Capital in The 21st Century, it seems like we’ve never cared more about promoting equality of outcome. But is our concern justified? Is economic disparity a characteristic of modernity - or a persistent feature ... Continue reading
Attendees from THINK 2017 tell us what they thought of last year's Conference! Get your tickets here, and go to to learn more about our timetable and speakers for THINK 2018, which takes place on Saturday 30 June, at the Royal Geographical Society in London.... Continue reading
The deadline for large companies to report their gender pay gaps has now passed. We are left with a huge influx of data, most of which fails to give us any meaningful comparison between men and women in like-for-like circumstances. What is the best way to calculate a gender pay gap? Today we’re joined by ... Continue reading
Government and Institutions
Exactly one year from today, Britain will officially quit the EU. But what do we know so far, and what happens next? Today joined by Julian Jessop, Head of the IEA's Brexit Unit, and Shanker Singham, Director of the IEA’s new International Trade and Competition Unit. Interviewed by Digital Officer Madeline Grant, the pair answer some of ... Continue reading
Today we’re joined by author and academic Dr Joanna Williams, and the IEA’s Head of Lifestyle Economics Christopher Snowdon, to discuss freedom and feminism in the 21st century. Right now, the authoritarians seems to be winning the battle of ideas, following a raft of new nanny state legislation over the last few years - with ... Continue reading
The IEA's Head of Lifestyle Economics Christopher Snowdon explains why banning fast food outlets, as some health bodies are advocating, will do little to reduce obesity. According to Chris's new report, the economic justifications for such a measure would be patchy at best - and extremely damaging to consumer choice. Download the full report here: ... Continue reading
In the latest instalment of our podcast series, Live From Lord North Street, News Editor Kate Andrews discusses trade arrangements and customs unions post-Brexit with Shanker Singham, who is joining the IEA as the director of our new International Trade and Competition unit. The pair examine Theresa May’s recent speech - one of six in ... Continue reading
The collapse and liquidation of the building firm Carillion - a company responsible for numerous government projects - has ignited a row over Britain's system of outsourcing public services. Many are now calling for such procurement contracts to be taken back into state hands. Kate Andrews, News Editor at the Institute of Economic Affairs, and ... Continue reading