The herd mentality that assumes university is the only path to reaching one’s full potential has come under fire in recent years. Student loan debt - and the interest on that debt - is rising, and yet a university degree certainly seems to be no guarantee of securing decent, highly-skilled jobs. Today we're joined by Professor ... Continue reading
The advance of AI and robotics brings many challenges as well as huge opportunities - and public concern about changes in the labour market has been mounting in recent years. But is our pessimism justified? Could we be viewing the AI debate in the wrong way? Today we're joined by Len Shackleton, the IEA’s Editorial ... Continue reading
The past 18 months have been a political whirlwind in both the UK and USA. Britain’s departure from the European Union presents the opportunity for a free trade deal to be forged between the two countries. But will the opportunities be seized upon in a timely manner, or at all? Today the IEA’s Director General ... Continue reading
Today we’re joined by the IEA’s Research Director Dr Jamie Whyte, and Catherine McBride, Senior Economist in the IEA’s International Trade and Competition Unit, who analyse the future of Britain’s financial services post-Brexit. Interviewed by the IEA’s Digital Officer Madeline Grant, the pair discuss to what extent Brexit will actually affect the vibrancy of Britain’s ... Continue reading
We live in a time of considerable intolerance towards free speech - on campus - and, increasingly, in broader society as well. But just how widespread is the situation - and how did we get here? On this week’s podcast, we were joined by Claire Fox, Director of the Academy of Ideas, and Kristian Niemietz, ... Continue reading