Economies are changing dramatically as technology redesigns traditional business models. The razor edge of new technology development is not an idea that’s easily associated with regulation or Government but in the digital age, regulators and competition authorities must learn to keep pace both with the tech giants and rapidly changing consumer markets. There have been ... Continue reading
The IEA is delighted to host a panel discussion on 'Zero-Hours Contracts: Empowerment or Exploitation?' Zero-hours contracts have been a subject of controversy in recent years. Proponents argue their flexibility allows people to work as and when they choose - fitting employment around commitments like children, education, and other jobs. But critics argue they are ... Continue reading
In the Future of Regulation Study commissioned by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the National Infrastructure Commission has assessed the changes which might be necessary to the existing regulatory framework to facilitate future investment needs in infrastructure focusing on energy, telecoms and water, while promoting competition and innovation and meeting the needs of both current ... Continue reading
Spontaneous order is an extremely widespread phenomenon, crucial for understanding human institutions as fundamental as language and the law, morals, markets and money.  It is also central to a key defense of individual liberty.  But although the role of the 'invisible hand' is generally appreciated by economists, the operation of spontaneous order is seldom recognised ... Continue reading
The Institute of Economic Affairs is delighted to announce that acclaimed US author Professor Bryan Caplan will give our 2019 Hayek Memorial Lecture. The acclaimed author of The Myth of the Rational Voter - hailed as ‘the best political book of the year’ by the New York Times - will unveil his latest project, POVERTY ... Continue reading

UK launch of the 2019 International Property Rights Index

The Institute of Economic Affairs is delighted to invite you to the UK launch of the 2019 International Property Rights Index and the first edition of the International Trade Barrier Index, both produced by Property Rights Alliance. The International Property Rights Index (IPRI) is the first annual publication of the Property Rights Alliance. The IPRI scores the underlining ... Continue reading
The IEA Book Club are thrilled to have renowned journalist and author Charles Moore join us to share with us some insights from his latest book: “Margaret Thatcher: The Authorised Biography: Volume Three: Herself Alone”, taking place on Monday 9th December. This final book of Charles Moore’s three-part biography of Margaret Thatcher, showcases her last ... Continue reading