In February 2021, some 4.4 million Texans were left without power, heat and running water for several days due to damage caused by severe cold weather.  California has also suffered blackouts in the past 18 months in the context of extreme hot weather across the Western U.S. Both states are leaders in the deployment of ... Continue reading
In the wake of the pandemic and PR19 and with ambitious sustainability goals on the horizon, Ofwat is getting to work on PR24.  This lecture will consider the factors that are contributing to the high level design for the new regulatory period, whether that be the importance of consumer engagement, the need for resilience in ... Continue reading
The Energy White Paper laid out a bold vision for the future of heat which will prompt huge transformation of gas and electricity networks and the way we heat our buildings. Recent acceleration of climate reduction targets mean that this transformation will take place in a relatively short timescale, with gas boilers banned in new ... Continue reading