If you’re interested in attending Oxford or Cambridge, then you could benefit from our day of insight and information about Oxbridge life as we provide valuable advice on personal statements, interview dos and don’ts and topics worth investigating before your interview. This year’s Oxbridge Training Day will take place on Wednesday 27th September 2017. To find out about travel grants ... Continue reading
Conservative Party Conference 2017 "How should the Conservative Party Tackle Intergenerational Unfairness?" The UK’s “pay as you go” welfare system means that today’s taxpayers are not only footing the bill for pensioner benefits but a plethora of public services that disproportionately benefit older generations. Demands on taxpayers are set to become more onerous, as the ... Continue reading
Conservative Party Conference 2017 "The City: Post-Brexit" (Invite only) The event will be a high-level discussion of what the final Brexit picture might look like for the financial services sector, what the options are for transitional arrangements and the timescales for the process. Speakers: Julian Jessop, Chief Economist, Institute of Economic Affairs (Chair) The Rt ... Continue reading
Conservative Party Conference 2017 "Vaping: Could Brexit be good for our health?" For most smokers looking to quit the habit, a low-risk alternative to tobacco is a realistic alternative and greatly increases their chances of successfully quitting for good. However, current public health policies encourage abstinence above all, with switching offered only as a second-best ... Continue reading
Conservative Party Conference 2017 "Solving the housing crisis – how can we ensure housing stock keeps pace with demand?" In February, the Government published a Housing White Paper that laid out plans to help tackle the housing crisis. Whilst it did include some welcome measures, such as requiring councils to set aside land for new ... Continue reading
Conservative Party Conference 2017 "A manifesto for change – free market ideas for Conservative renewal" Speakers: Mark Littlewood, Director General, Institute of Economic Affairs (Chair) Dr Philip Lee MP The Rt Hon Priti Patel MP, Secretary of State for International Development This event will be followed by a drinks reception. Please note this event is ... Continue reading
Conservative Party Conference 2017 "Gig Economy – Seeing the wood for the trees" The continuously expanding gig economy has caused great controversy, with several firms making headlines almost daily. Critics argue that worker’s rights are being undermined and the recently published Taylor Review puts forward recommendations to rebalance the relationship between workers and employers. The ... Continue reading