3 thoughts on “Coronomics: don’t bail out the football clubs”

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    Perhaps the end of professional sport beckons. Every virus has a silver lining.

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    “The sooner the Championship, the EFL, the Scottish League, the National League and the myriad semi-pro competitions realise this, the better.”

    It should be noted that the 2019/20 season from and below Tier 3 (that’s the Isthmian League, Northern League and Southern League to you and me) was cancelled by the FA on 9 April.

    These could be the “small-scale regional leagues and cup competitions” described above, and it may be that smaller, local clubs are more resilient to lockdown (although the aforementioned leagues have already lost their principal sponsor) and are more appealing to spectators when it is safe for competitive sport to resume.

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    This op-ed piece is a poor choice for the limited space on the IEA platform. I would prefer to see constructive and original ideas for determining who ends up paying for the government support being dished out. And in particular for making sure that markets rather than lobbyists are at the heart of that policy response.

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