Summary Politicians and activists seek to further limit the right to free speech by extending hate speech laws and placing new legal constraints on the speech that can be posted on social media platforms. The Online Safety Bill is now before the UK parliament and several American politicians, including President Biden and former President Trump, ... Continue reading
Society and Culture
Facebook users are currently being deluged with warnings on their timelines about exposure to extremist content. They are invited to access specialist support to cleanse them of harm and refer recently red-pilled friends for intervention. This is not an unlikely phishing scam, it is Facebook HQ’s attempt to address the political class’s monster of the ... Continue reading
Summary India is at a crossroads. As the UK’s Prime Minister prepares to meet Indian leaders virtually, he promises an Enhanced Trade Partnership, possibly leading to a full Free Trade Agreement (FTA). There are important commercial reasons for this agreement, but perhaps more importantly, there are powerful geopolitical reasons. India could be brought into an ... Continue reading
Summary The government has launched a review into British gambling law ‘to make sure it is fit for the digital age’. A coalition of activists has proposed a range of anti-gambling measures, including an advertising ban, low stake limits, a monthly spending cap, slower gameplay and a ban on VIP schemes, bonuses and inducements. Despite ... Continue reading
Since becoming the head of the Catholic Church in 2013, Pope Francis has not shied away from the political domain. On Sunday, the religious leader used the COVID-19 pandemic to renew his criticisms of free-market capitalism. “The fragility of world systems in the face of the pandemic has demonstrated that not everything can be resolved by market freedom,” ... Continue reading
Last week, the Fraser Institute, a Canadian think tank, confirmed what many of us already know - property rights in South Africa are in serious trouble. Of the 42 indices that the Economic Freedom of the World report measures, South Africa's score has quickly declined in the area that is arguably the most important for a functioning ... Continue reading
The publication of Carl Menger’s book Principles of Economics in Vienna in 1871 is usually seen as the birth of the Austrian School of Economics. But the focus of Janek Wasserman’s book The Marginal Revolutionaries. How Austrian Economists fought the War of Ideas lies elsewhere. He points out that it is debatable whether Menger’s book ... Continue reading
Was it really only last Monday that the ‘rule of six’ came into force? From tomorrow, pubs and restaurants will be table service only and have to close by 10pm. Retail staff will have to wear masks. Tentative efforts to get a few fans back into sports stadia have been cancelled. Perhaps the most charitable ... Continue reading
Let’s imagine that England plays against South Africa as part of the 6 Nations Rugby tournament. The match takes place on a rainy day. England wins 24 against 20. South African rugby players file a complaint against the result, which they perceive to be biased because English players are more used to train and play ... Continue reading
COVID-19 has caused huge disruptions to global trade and supply chains, both directly and indirectly (as a result of policy responses: lockdowns, social distancing measures etc). While some supply chains have recovered or adapted, others are yet to find ways of overcoming the pandemic. Many products we consume in our daily lives are the end-product ... Continue reading