Mark Littlewood quoted by the Express

The IEA's Director General Mark Littlewood responded to speculation that a delay to Brexit negotiations may be on the cards in response to the escalating coronavirus pandemic. Quoted by the Express,  Mark warned that "unravelling [the timeline for negotiations] would be as hard as carrying on with current deadlines." Mark added that "ionically, the sort ... Continue reading
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Emma Revell writes for the Evening Standard

The idea that women will be disadvantaged in the upcoming Cabinet reshuffle and that quotas are needed to redress the balance is unfounded, says the IEA's Head of Communications Emma Revell. Writing a letter to the Editor in the Evening Standard, Emma argues that the Prime Minister should "reinvigorate ideas" by shuffling junior colleagues into the ... Continue reading
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The Institute of Economic Affairs, the UK’s leading free-market think tank, today announces changes to its media team. The IEA seeks to promote the role of markets in solving economic and social problems, aiming to change the climate of opinion over the long term. Annabel Denham joins the IEA as Director of Communications. Annabel previously ... Continue reading

IEA responds to the Queen's Speech

Commenting on the Queen’s Speech, Mark Littlewood, Director General at the Institute of Economic Affairs, said: “The Queen’s Speech makes clear the government’s commitment to negotiate and secure free trade agreements with the European Union and the rest of the world. “The plans set out for an NHS Funding Bill do nothing to address the ... Continue reading

Prof Philip Booth writes for the Telegraph

The Prime Minister is right to ban his ministers from attending Davos, next month's annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in the Swiss Alps, says Prof Philip Booth, and the Conservative Party's new supporters are bound to agree. Writing for the Daily Telegraph, Philip argues that this is just one of many areas where the ... Continue reading
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Prof Len Shackleton writes for CapX

Following the release of the IEA's new report Renationalisation: Back to the Future, co-author Professor Len Shackleton wrote for CapX on the topic. Len argued that while privatised industries have their problems, nationalisation would solve none of them, but would create new ones. Read his full piece here.  ... Continue reading

Julian Jessop quoted in the Times

The IEA's report Renationalisation: Back to the Future was featured in The Times, with co-author Julian Jessop quoted at length. Julian said: “Most of the potential benefits of renationalisation could be achieved in other ways, including better regulation and more competition.“In contrast, the potential costs are huge, especially if returning these industries to state control reverses the ... Continue reading
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IEA report trailed in The Sunday Telegraph

Proposals to bring key utilities back under state control "ignore important lessons" from the post-war period. The IEA's report Renationalisation: Back to the Future was featured in The Sunday Telegraph, warning that the potential costs of nationalisation are "huge" and "most of the potential benefits could be achieved in other ways." The article appeared in print on ... Continue reading

Victoria Hewson and Julian Jessop quoted in The Guardian

Commenting on the Conservative's "buy British" and state aid proposals announcements, the IEA's Victoria Hewson and Julian Jessop were quoted in The Guardian. On state aid, Victoria argued: "Calls to expand state aid translate to veiled support for cronyism. Interventionist and protectionist policies always end up disadvantaging smaller businesses in favour of a few giants." ... Continue reading

IEA quoted by BBC News

Responding to the Conservative Party's plans to introduce a new state aid regime, the IEA were quoted on the BBC News homepage. The IEA argued that the greater use of state aid to help firms in trouble would "translate to veiled support for cronyism." Read the full article here.... Continue reading