Andy Mayer writes for The Critic

Andy Mayer, IEA Energy, Environment and Infrastructure Analyst, has written an article commenting on the government's interventionist approach to energy policy. Andy argues that the government's net zero agenda is stifling innovation, raising energy costs and creating energy insecurity. "These simple truths of Net Zero are met with a wall of denial akin to utopian ... Continue reading

Christopher Snowdon comments for City AM

Christopher Snowdon, IEA Head of Lifestyle Economics, has commented on the government's decision to re-open in the Summer of last year, as opposed to delaying our Covid recovery. He argued that “Omicron was a major bump in the road, but England’s strategy of opening up in summer and rolling out boosters in the autumn has ... Continue reading

Julian Jessop comments for The Telegraph

Julian Jessop, IEA Economics Fellow, has commented in The Telegraph on the causes of the UK's current spike in inflation, which is predicted to pass 7pc in April. “The common factor across the world is there's been an explosion in the amount of cheap money. And if you keep pumping cheap money into an economy ... Continue reading

Annabel Denham writes for City AM

Annabel Denham, IEA Director of Communications, has penned an article commenting on the efficacy of the UK's Coronavirus financial aid schemes, following reports that £5.8 billion was stolen from the Treasury through these initiatives. Annabel argues that such widespread fraud raises questions about whether the cost to the taxpayer of schemes such as furlough and ... Continue reading
Energy and Environment

Andy Mayer and Julian Jessop comment for City AM

Andy Mayer, IEA Energy, Environment and Infrastructure Analyst, has commented for City AM on the damaging effects of government intervention in energy markets and reports that a further price cap may be introduced to tackle rising energy prices. He argues that spikes in energy prices are “rooted in the government’s interventions in the energy market”. ... Continue reading
Energy and Environment

Andy Mayer comments for The Telegraph

Andy Mayer, IEA Energy, Environment and Infrastructure Analyst, has given his thoughts on Sadiq Khan's plan to introduce a £2 daily fee for London drivers in an effort to reduce pollution. Regarding Khan's measure, Andy asserted: “If the argument is congestion, there is no difference between the space occupied by an electric vehicle or one ... Continue reading
Tax and Fiscal Policy

Matthew Lesh comments for the Daily Express

Matthew Lesh, IEA Head of Public Policy, has commented in the Daily Express following Oxfam's calls for a global wealth tax. Matthew asserted that, "Some people getting wealthier does not intrinsically mean that anyone else is poorer." "People have lost incomes because of a pandemic that locked down much of the world’s economy, not because ... Continue reading
Tax and Fiscal Policy

Mark Littlewood comments for the Daily Express

Mark Littlewood, IEA Director General, has given his thoughts on the future of BBC funding following recent comments made by Culture Secretary, Nadine Dorries, that the next announcement about the licence fee "will be the last". Mark argued that: "What is needed is an agreement and understanding that the licence fee will end to enable ... Continue reading

Marc Glendening writes for CapX

Marc Glendening, IEA Head of Cultural Affairs, has written an article for CapX in which he describes the threats to free society currently plaguing the UK. Marc argues that an illiberal ideology propagated by those he describes as the 'Culture Control Left', has entered institutions such as the Metropolitan Police and is now manifesting itself ... Continue reading

IEA referenced in The Telegraph

The IEA's Shadow Monetary Policy Committee has been referenced in The Telegraph by Tim Congdon, who is a member of the group. Tim wrote about the Bank of England's forecast that May will see "the worst inflation news in 25 years", and argued that supply chain issues may not be entirely to blame. He quoted ... Continue reading