Britain takes a uniquely restrictive approach to occupational licensing. Around one in five UK employees requires a licence from government to practice their chosen occupation - a proportion which has doubled in the last fifteen years. Len Shackleton, IEA editorial fellow and author of a recent report into occupational licensing, sat down with us this ... Continue reading
The resale of tickets has been around for as long as humans have charged entry to events. Evidence of ticket 'touting' goes all the way back to Ancient Rome. In the 21st century though, it's becoming an increasingly controversial practice. Companies like Viagogo, Seatwave and Stubhub now offer tickets to otherwise hard-to-reach events - but, often, at a hefty price. ... Continue reading
Trade, Development, and Immigration
On today's podcast, IEA Research Director Dr Jamie Whyte lambasts Oxfam's latest report on global inequality, arguing that the poverty-relief charity is attacking the economic system that has lead to the greatest fall in absolute poverty the world has ever seen. Interviewed by the IEA's Kate Andrews, Jamie expands on the criticisms and analysis that ... Continue reading
What is the best way to measure poverty? Intuitively, this question might not seem necessary - surely, we know poverty when we see it. But while we can probably agree that the inhabitants of Victorian slums were in poverty, in many cases today things aren't so clear cut. Our Chief Economist Julian Jessop examines this question in ... Continue reading
Dr Steven Landsburg, Professor of Economics at Rochester University, and IEA Research Director Dr Jamie Whyte examine tax rates, and how to devise a system that encourages growth. Steven concludes that taxes on capital, often cited by many as a way to resolve inequality, are in fact a form of ‘double taxation’ - targeting wealth that has ... Continue reading
Dr Steven Landsburg, Professor of Economics at Rochester University, and IEA Research Director Dr Jamie Whyte sit down to address the question ‘Is the world overpopulated, and how would we know?’ For Prof Landsburg's full 2017 Hayek Lcture on population, visit: Continue reading
Left-wing movements in Britain, and further afield, are increasingly citing the Scandinavian or Nordic economic model as a desirable alternative to capitalism. But is Scandinavian socialism really all its cracked up to be? Today, Dr Steve Davies and Kate Andrews of the IEA put the Nordic model under the spotlight - and examine to what ... Continue reading
What impact will Brexit have on British aviation and our ability to travel? That's a question that's been on many peoples' lips recently, following warnings from the boss of Ryanair and other key industry figures, that flights between the UK and the EU could be grounded for months unless replacements for EU airline agreements are ... Continue reading
A recent mass leak of financial documents, branded the Paradise Papers, has caused many people to call for the Govenmernt to take decisive action against tax avoidance. We’re joined by the IEA's Research Director Dr Jamie Whyte, and Head of Financial Services Diego Zuluaga, to discuss the role of tax havens and the legal and ... Continue reading