7 thoughts on “Why we’ve launched a prize to find a blueprint for Britain outside the EU”

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    as long as We are rid of the EU/ECHR and the Joke Special Relationship the better We can and will prosper outside a Collapsing Bureaucracy also the LibLabCon Party in Parliament must go also

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    Maybe we threw away too lightly our friendship with the countries of the Commonwealth. The idea that we have more in common with Latvia and Bulgaria than with Canada and Australia is laughable. As John Warman writes: ‘The EU is an easy target for criticism in this country…’ Yes it is; and one important reason is the EU’s fundamental objective of ‘ever closer union’ — which hardly anybody in this country supports.

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    @John – I don’t really understand your comment. I do not really hold a strong view on Brexit (as I make clear) but it is an important exercise to see what it would involve so that alternatives can be compared. As you will see from our book on the euro, I am quite strongly supportive of some aspects of the EU that might surprise you. Also, as you will see from the article, I am also inclined to think that the UK may not do much better if certain regulatory functions are repatriated. You do not really make a strong case for your own position if you are essentially saying that you would welcome the EU restraining the freedom of speech of those who make reasoned criticisms (like mine above). It is that sort of threat that shoves those of us relatively neutral in the matter over the edge.

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    Why do some see Scottish independence as an the only solution to a better life? Why do some Irish people want to unite Ireland for the same reason. I think the clue lies in those advocating whatever view that will give them individual power. It really makes no difference whether us ‘plebs’ are done unto by Parliament or the EU. So many places are nearer and easier to reach. Televisions are so much bigger. It is difficult to see what would change. Who would become better off? I am better off than my parents and my children are better off than me. I know there are exceptions to this progression, but local communities are so much more effective in dealing with those problems.
    Smaller is better. No, not better, more satisfying. Perhaps the EC should be the ECC. A community of communities. Micro Federalism. Perhaps I will enter the competition.

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    “As we also saw in the banking crisis, unifying regulation internationally can magnify risks.” NOT having enough regulation, de-regulation and the foolish risks taken by Wallstreet and the City dragged everybody in the shit, NOT the EU, sorry. Yes, sure there are problems with many countries and economies within the EU, but they would never have been in that kind of trouble without the irresponsible behaviour of the financial sector. The financial sector needs to be kept in check by international agreements, be it EU, WTO, IMF or all of those together. Of course you have less affinity with Bulgaria then with Australia, but would you say the same if you had to choose between Malawi and Germany? All international organisations have their pros, cons, and above all limits, but denying you’re only 25 miles or so from the European shores, will not help you.

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    @anonymous – I happen to disagree with you about financial regulation, but let’s leave that. Nobody is denying anything about our geography or about the value of economic relationships with other members of the EU. We would simply like to know more about the “out” alternatives. The “out” camp like to promote “out” on the basis that they do not like “in”, but if we can understand what “out” might look like we can have a sensible discussion and debate about the best institutional arrangements.

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