2 thoughts on “Why is everyone suddenly mad about Teddy?”

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    The set of ideas you list sounds disturbingly like the fascist ideas of the 1930s, Steve. I don’t think it’s that bad yet! But certainly very febrile political climate which could get very odd with a
    UKIP success/Scottish ‘yes’ combination.

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    ‘The idea of government promoting competition is deeply problematic once it goes beyond the removal of barriers to entry and comes to include action to break up firms and challenge the outcomes of free choices made by consumers and investors.’

    That is true in principle but don’t the banks present a special case? Banks like RBS were swollen largely by the implicit subsidy of being too big to fail; and Lloyds and HBOS were merged at gunpoint. If when the government bailed out RBS in 2008 it had decided to break it up and privatise it piecemeal, I suspect the IEA would have approved.

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