2 thoughts on “What’s wrong with Osborne’s ‘Living Wage’ proposals? Ask me what’s right about them.”

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    A truly ghastly idea; all it will achieve is to lop (a bit more) off the bottom of the labour market, leaving even more low-productivity workers permanently out in the cold and putting marginal enterprises that rely on low-cost labour out of business.

    We are told it was “politically astute”. Well, a lot of things may be politically astute in that they appeal to a mass of ignorant voters who will always welcome some “free stuff”. But this doesn’t alter the fact that yesterday’s budget was piece of demagoguery is unworthy of a responsible government.

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    If this country in the future should ever end up with a government which isn’t by some miracle of an extreme far left disposition, or at least not as abysmally economically ignorant as this one is, then this tragic tomfoolery will hang around their necks like an immovable millstone such is emotional appeal of the minimum wage. Appalling stupidity of the kind the Tory Party soft left (Cameroons) seems to pride themselves in.

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