2 thoughts on “Was 1976 really the best year? A review of Seasons in the Sun by Dominic Sandbrook”

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    In 1976 I was completing my ‘O’ Levels and in comparison today were times of unrelenting misery. Can you imagine at 8.00 pm on a Saturday night the electricity turned off, and no TV was the least of your problems. Inflation running at 25% per year, prices doubled in under five years, Britain indeed was the ‘sick man of Europe.’ Against this backdrop of the UK plummeting to the bottom of the economic pit were the shrill sounds off Marxists ‘economists’ telling us that East Germany if not the USSR had a standard of living that was equal or higher than the UK’s. At the time it seemed to be a reasonable hypothesis. Making a profit or proclaiming yourself a capitalist was worse than failing a CRB check.

    It is easy to descend into hyperbole, but as a 14 year old doing Social and Economic history, we had just completed the Agricultural Revolution, yawn. The teacher said next week we start on the Industrial Revolution, yes I can’t wait. It was the commentary that this was perplexing. It was when we were ‘the United States of the world, we were the greatest power on earth.’ If you read the Rise and Fall of the Great Powers by Paul Kennedy he does confirm that the UK really was relatively the most influential world power ever.

    It seemed at the time absurd.

    It seems that this is a timely book and review of a wasted decade. Thirty-six years later any dewy eyed nostalgia is entirely misplaced. I do remember after going into the 6th form I was the only person out of 1,000 pupils at my comprehensive who was prepared to stand as a Conservative candidate in our mock elections, in 1978.

    Thank heavens times have changed.

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    Of course 1976 was the best year ever. Southampton won the FA Cup.

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