1 thought on “Twenty years denouncing the eco-militants”

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    I commend you for offering a free-market alterative to socialist militancy on environmental issues. I’m not so sure however about a free-market alternative to doom and gloom. While some predictions of dire consequences may be exaggerated to support a socialist agenda, there are also genuine reasons for concern on a range of environmental issues. In respect of anthropogenic climate change I suggest that the question should not be “Has it been proven to exist?” but “What does the balance of evidence suggest, and what is the range of uncertainty as to how rapidly climate may change in future?” I am inclined to think that it does exist but that there is a wide range of uncertainty in both directions, ie future warming might be either much slower or much faster than IPCC projections suggest. I suggest that the free-market message in relation to climate change should be this: whatever the future holds (moderate or catastrophic change, or none at all), we will be better off with free markets enabling individuals and countries to adapt to circumstances in the most efficient and least painful ways. Two of the more important aspects of this are 1) free trade in food products, facilitating adaptation to possible differential effects of climate change on agriculture in different regions, 2) free property markets, allowing property prices to reflect local environmental conditions such as risk of inundation by a rising sea levels, creating incentives for new building to be located where risks are lower.

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